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How to start your own small poultry farm

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  • How to start your own small poultry farm

    For those thinking of going into farming, poultry farming is probably one of the easiest farming to get into without the need for massive investment. As your stock grows you can expand your farm.

    When I was young I remember a few neighbours who had sort of backyard poultry farm which still brings them some money. Whether you want to start a backyard poultry farm or something slightly more grand, you've got to read this fantastic article on how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria by ElyJay.

    Intro to the article follows:
    This is the production of domesticated birds, for commercial reasons. The common poultry birds include Pigeon, Guinea fowls, Turkey, Ducks geese and Chicken. Poultry birds are kept either for the meat or for eggs. For the purpose of this article we shall look into:
    1. Turkey
    2. Geese & Ducks
    3. Guinea fowls
    4. Chicken
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